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A-Team fic; Coming Out

Title: Coming Out
Fandom: The A-Team (2010)
Characters/pairings: H-BAMF, BABY. With a Hannibal/Face emphasis.
Rating: G
Summary: Written for a_team_kink, the prompt was simply "Hannibal/Face ; Coming out". Face rather enjoys being free of the army, because DADT doesn't apply any more - and Face wants to tell everyone.

Face wants to tell everybody. He's bisexual, and it's awesome, and everyone should give it a go with their own gender at least once. He tries to win Murdock over to the idea - they're in exactly the same boat, after all - but it doesn't work. Murdock just shrugs. He's not speaking today. Not because he's in a sulk, but because... well, he's nuts. And apparently it hasn't occurred to him that he's spent most of his adult life being systematically repressed.

Hannibal doesn't want to draw any attention to the team whatsoever, and uses that excuse no matter what Face says. Face suspects he's holding onto the hope that the charges against them will one day be dropped, and they can go back to their old lives in the army. Face secretly hopes he's wrong. He rather likes his new-found freedom, and he finds the outlaw thing rather dashing - not that he'd ever admit that to the others.

"Let's just go out to dinner," Face says, "as a couple. Just once."

"Are you buying?"

"Sure. So long as we can make out over dessert."

"No," says Hannibal, and that's the end of it - even though Face spends the next half hour wheedling and cajoling, he knows Hannibal's first no was also his final answer.

Face's next appeal is to BA, who looks at him as though he just suggested they run naked through town throwing fish at people.

"No way. Ain't no one's business what happens in my bunk."

"It's not about minding your own business, it's about pride and dignity and-"

"I've got better things to do."

"Hannibal won't come to dinner. I'll take you. We can make out over dessert-"

"I said no. I'm busy. Take Murdock."

Murdock does go to dinner with Face, but he's still not talking aloud, and he flirts with the waiting staff and ignores Face, who is beginning to suspect all this is personal. He waits until the others are all together in the tiny apartment they're hiding out in for the time being, and he tells them just that.

"You're not ashamed of yourselves - you're ashamed of me."

Hannibal's eyes flash dangerously. For a master tactician, he's not so good at spotting when he's being played himself, especially when the game is one of Face's.

Hannibal grabs him by the arm and marches him down the stairs. The street outside is busy with pedestrians, and Hannibal shoving Face against the wall draws plenty of attention.

"All right," he says. "I'm Hannibal Smith. And this is Templeton Peck. We're half of the A-Team - you may have heard of us. Now before you reach for your phones and call the police, I have a short announcement to make."

And he kisses Face, full-on, until Face can't breathe any more. Someone's camera-phone makes a redundant shutter noise, and Face hopes this'll be all over the papers tomorrow morning. He wants a copy of that photo.

It'll be weeks until their trail goes cold and they can show their faces in the real world again, but for their first public display of affection? Face reckons it's totally worth it.
Tags: fanfiction, the a-team

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